Frequently asked questions

What are compounded medications?

Compounded medications are prescribed by a veterinarian and prepared by a state-licensed pharmacy. They are customized forms of medicines that are not otherwise commercially available and/or not available in a dose form or strength needed to appropriately address a patient’s clinical needs. Compounded drug products serve an important role for patients whose clinical needs cannot be met by an FDA-approved drug product.

How can compounded medications help?

A compounded medication can be tailored to your pet’s specific needs, which may lead to a less stressful medication time if you have a pet who is difficult to medicate. The different flavors, and dose forms available may make it easier for you to provide necessary medication to your pet every time.

Is compounded medication appropriate for my pet?

Talk to your vet about the different dose form options available for your pet. If appropriate for your pets condition, your vet may then prescribe you a compounded medication through the Covetrus online platform and ship straight to your door.

What is PCAB accreditation?

The Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board (PCAB) is a service of the Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC). It’s a third-party accreditation organization that has developed the highest national standards that providers are measured against in order to illustrate their ability to effectively and efficiently deliver quality compounded medications to consumers.  Covetrus Personalized Care Pharmacies is PCAB accredited, ensuring your compounded medication meets these quality standards.